Motor locks when remote is on/ with video

So this morning as I was getting ready too ride too work I always spin my motors too check & see if their good before riding. Anyways here’s the video. Hopefully someone has an answer. I need this too work as it’s my daily commuter til end of next year lol. Anyways I’m opening it up & see what vesc tool says. Any help would be appreciated

EDIT: Dude it just started working again once I just connected it too the vesc tool. I didn’t change no settings. Now I’m more worried becuase i dint want this to stop on me while riding. It has never done that yet but what happend ???

I can’t watch the video because of my slowly connection right now, but check all you bullet connectors that no of them got lose. Also check if there is no broken solder join somewhere on the phase wires.

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Strange that it works again.
I had exactly the same behaviour after a fall but in my case the turning knobs on the remote (GT2) shifted. No idea if your remote has any.

Otherwise you could watch the realtime data in vesc tool on zero throttle, I guess it brakes. Anyway a new calibration in vesc tool can’t be wrong.

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His is a Gt2b too. I bet he bumped the trim dial over so the “locked” motors were actually just breaks.


Find which trim u need to adjust, double check your calibration on vesc tool, then glue these beeches down.

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Wait !?!?! So my remote trims suppose to look like in the picture ?? Hahah

You need to connect ESC tool and set ppm setting again.

Happened several times to me

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No, they should look how yours looked before (I am fairly certain) one dial got bumped

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@eBoosted thanks, will do right now.
@Arzamenable I kinda forgot what trim suppose too look but im really sure I could find out real quick with some research lol.

I guess I should first find out the correct trim setting before ppm setting that’ll be smart haha

So I recalibrated the ppm & made sure my trims were correct. Rode to work & back home, everything seemed fine. Should I consider this solve ??

Did you check if the values where off before you applied the new ppm config?

Damn. Yea that would of been good info too know but unfortunately, I didn’t think about that & just recalibrated. Sorry that’s something I should of looked at too. Forsure keeping that in mind nowb