Motor guards anyone?

Anyone here use or make motor guards? I’ve got 6355’s and the mounts have slipped a couple times so I’m looking to order or make something just incase. I read somebody once use pop cans lol, anyone ever tried that?

Got a 3D printer? Also try some lock washers, should keep the screws from loosening out

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You should hold the bolt head and then use a wrench to torque the lock nut. Doing it that way you shouldn’t have any issues and it shouldn’t loosen. Don’t do it the opposite way as you’ll more likely strip the bolt head.


That might do it, it didn’t have lock nuts when I got it…just a lot of loctite

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If your mounts are slipping take a step back and start over. A good clamp with some loctite should hold.

That being said motors skid plates would be cool.


Cool, I’ll go lockwashers, bolts and loctite that outa do the trick

Make sure you’re using a tool with tight fitment too. The wrong tool can really hold you back.
Gotta be able to tighten it without fear of stripping it.

Like proper sockets for the bolts? I was cheaping out on drill bits and t tools at first but realized how terrible they were. Using quality Allen keys and Milwaukee drill bits now

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People don’t realize how important this is

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something like this maybe ?

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