Motor caught fire... Need new motor or control board?

Hi. The other day I was riding up hill and noticed my speed was slowing on a fully charged board so I stopped and saw one of the motors had stopped so I gave the board a break. Then when riding flat it started working again so I thought it was okay. However today I was riding up hill again (after fully charged) and the board slowed down again, so I stopped and saw the motor was smoking. It might just need a new motor, however when I held the board up to use motors the remote fluctuated speed on the remote and when I brake the one motor that was having issues brakes really slowly, so I want to make sure its not an issue with the electronics. And I can feel the wheels wobbling alot. Also it might be related or not, but for the last couple weeks it has been making a noise when I brake, and at first wasnt making much of an issue with the braking so didn’t think much of it but recently it is hardly braking. Heres a link to a video I made showing the issues if you can tell the issue just by seeing it.

Thank you for your help!


You toasted the motors for sure.

Replace the motor and if the board still behaves weird, the broken motor messed up the controller as well.

The good part is that a motor is not that fragile to begin with. Can’t break the replacement one easily unless you continue riding in this toasty weather like no tomorrow


If you get motors you may want to upgrade to Racestars. Lots of people use them instead of the stock evolve motors.


It sounds like Set screws on the can broke loose. It’s a pretty Common issue with evolve motors


I heard the same from an evolve
Trying to think what I did
But it was not a motor issue
Let me think
ESC is not playing right [not reading the motor]
Try turn the board on and push or roll down a hill without using the remote to power it
Basically trying to calibration

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And smoking motor probably equal cooked

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Thank you all for you help! So I tried to recalibrate the board by pushing it without the remote but it was still stopping weird… So I think Ill get new motors (Ill upgrade them to those) and then if there are still issues then prob gotta replace the ESC? And this should fix the braking too??? Thank you all! I contacted Evolve as well and they want 75 just to diagnose it plus id have to ship my board so you all are definitely helping!