More of a collage then a diy

Little backstory I got sick with Covid and have had to quarantine. Bored I put some parts together.

Pre owned Backfire deck

Added a charge port

Meepo V4S 10s2p battery

485 watt 83mm hub motors which I replaced the bearings with Nachi premium quality. Sitting on half inch risers to level the 90mm front wheels. Dual kingpin trucks with 93a and 90a Riptide bushings.

Replaced the pivot cups with Riptides 96a self lubricating Indy pivot cups

Had to customize the enclosure to fit the Ling-yi 36 v esc.

Changed out the grip tape

Ran into an issue with the rear half inch risers not allowing the Esc enclosure to seat properly, the solution?

Went back to 1/4 inch rear risers and 83mm front wheels with Bones red.

This was built to carve not speed. Dry run on remote shows 29mph and range is around 10 mph

Future plans are to try the Dope Grip 4mm Hex foam tape and the Tranzite deck wing extenders. Thanks for checking out my collage.


We call builds like this “Frankenstein”.
I love Frankensteins of all kinds, though.
Just for the easiness and the fun of combining different parts of prebuild boards.