Monitoring voltage of p-groups via Bluetooth from Android

Hello Guys, I’d like to be able to monitor individual P-Group voltages on my cell phone.

Bestech has a BMS with bluetooth communication, I need to tell them what protocol they should use.

Is there any developed app ready to connect this kind of BMS?

Have you checked out the LLT BMS? Those already have bluetooth and an app

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They only have 60A BMS for charge and discharge, they are huge and not suitable for enclosures where space constraints are a must.

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Yah I guess no one really uses discharge, but I agree they are a little large.

Maybe you could check out their app though, they have the APK on their website


If you want smart bms with discharge take a look at Battery Controller S516 150A/750A | Energus Power Solutions

Exoensive a bit, but its a nice piece of engineering

This one is also really nice
But its charge only, but I would use flexi bms over this one personally