Momentum boards red ember 44 build. AliExpress 6*2 rubber

12s4 p. I need a 12s5p. Maybe even a 12s 6 p will fit
What do you think?


Love the deck, will you use glass frit or griptape, or leave it like that?

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I’m not sure. Was thinking of 70 m2 setscrews

Similar to what I use on motocross bike pegs.

Interesting… Just on specific spots or the entire top of the board?

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Surely a pattern. Will do a layout with computer. Before I drill. Or get lazy and put grip tape on

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Ok. All done


The board looks really nice!
How’s the ride feel with the W concave?
Cause I’m contemplating getting the 44 myself but the concave doesn’t look all that comfortable to stand on. So what’s your experiences with it?