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Modifying motor mount

Ive come up with an idea. Since i dont want to buy a new mount but want to adjust the angle i will do this. Snapchat-2020618828
I will cut the circle in the mount( the purple circle) and put in a "adapter"or “spacer”… idk whats it called. You can see it on the right. So it will look kind of like dickho mount. What do you all think?? Will it work or is itjust a waste of time??

P.S. I have caliber 2s

Sth like this:

It might be hard to get enough friction on a plastic material. If it was metal it would be a different story

how will you machine the circle though?

Just buy a mount my friend, your DIY spirit is strong but I foresee vibration motor death here.


You will need at least some sharpened set screw or the insert will spin. Better to file what shape you need into the clamp. Or just buy a new one

Yeah just stop the fuckery and buy a new mount.
That thing is hot garbage

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Everything is from aluminium.

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I will put a grub screw in it

Its not worth it

You’re modifying a $6 mount to make it fit a $8 (With shipping) part?
Those mounts are already super weak, I wouldn’t go through with this mod :confused:
Mow some lawns for $10 and you’ll be able to get 2 mounts by the end of the day :wink: