Mini DIY Deck Suggestions, No Kicktail Please!

Hey everyone,
I’m looking for a mini-ish sized deck for custom eskate.
I want something in the 30-34in length range, no kicktail. Something around 20-24in wheelbase would be awesome. Good flex like a bamboo board would be great.

I have a Loaded truncated tesseract and it’s awesome, pretty ideal, but a bit pricey to get another one of those.

I have a Meepo Mini 2, it’s a little shorter than ideal, the wheelbase is short and I don’t like the kicktail. Also Have an Evolve GTR but it’s huge to be carrying around of course.

I plan on putting some DKP trucks and elofty DD setup.
Also, if anyone knows where to get a good set of DKP for the elofty, let me know!

Sounds like a Jet Tayto would be a good fit? Can’t remember if there’s a tail. But I don’t think they are being made anymore @BuildKitBoards /Jared, do you know if they are officially discontinued?

What price range are you looking for? I’m assuming significantly under $200 since you say the Loaded is pricey and seem to be looking for something cheaper. A few random options I do not have much experience with are:

Several options from Madrid Skateboards – Tagged "Downhill/Race Longboards" – Full Circle Distribution
or for really cheap and a bit bigger than you want you could get 36" X 9.5" DOWNHILL KICKTAIL Blank Longboard Decks and Skateboard Supply

Most of the stuff I’m finding with no kicktale is a bit longer at like 36" though because that seems pretty standard for downhill stuff. There is a lot more stuff approaching $200 like the Zenit Mini Rocket. That is getting back towards the price of the loaded which seems like a very good deck though.

I am really happy with my Pramayana, with some DKP and decent size wheels it should do really well, enclosure wise you can do a 10s2p pretty easily

I’m not sure what I like yet, I just wanted to try out some different types of decks. Being cheaper helps a lot with that, but no specific budget. Feel free to suggest decks more expensive too!

Not sure if you can still get them, but the Bustin EQ 36 is a ripper.

I have no info about it, only that it’s called Agace Cruiser, no idea if it was a Brazilian manufacturer, and never found much about, but I absolutely loved it


Choochoo if you can get your hands on one or a jet spud or jet potato

Thanks for all the suggestions!
Side question, any recommended DKP trucks with the elofty DD hanger?

no, just no

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I know you said no kicktail but I ended up really liking this board I built for my brother. Moonshine sidekick and an eBoosted enclosure. Packed a 12s3P of samsung 40T cells into that bad boy…and DKP trucks believe it or not, but theyr’e tight with some hard bushings. Didn’t get to do too much testing but really enjoyed the ride and feel.


Dkps on a moonshine :smiling_face_with_tear::broken_heart:


haha hate me if you must but he was on a budget and I’ve had that drivetrain for years on a different board. Had my doubts but really enjoyed riding it.


Moonshine and budget are oxymorons
Love my Sidekick, they’ve been OOS for a long time


Big true. I got a message it was in stock and it wasn’t a day later. I just said budget cause I slapped a drivetrain with thousands of miles on it instead of buying new. Def not a low budget small-deck build.

Btw sweet sidekick build.


Lol i was thinking the same thing.

Did your pack fit in a 9x4 flat config? Curious if the 40t are that much smaller than p42a

Moonshine bumped pretty much all their decks to $250 usd
Still worth it for that type of construction

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Absolutely. The quality of those decks is up there with the best I have seen. No idea how they make them for that price.

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Ya that was the only configuration I could make work and have room for everything else. It was pretty snug after the pack was built so I just wrapped it in kapton tape instead of shrink wrap. I got the 40Ts because they were on a great sale. I was also building a 14s8p so I needed those savings. Did you just minimally wrap your p groups/pack to make it fit or did it just work? I saw you used p42a and was a bit curious.

I actually got the deck for 189 with tax and shipping so not too bad for the high quality. Im surprised it took them so long to up the price.

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What’s all the hate on DKP trucks?