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Micro charge bms, used flywheels, antispark, cheap spot welder

Selling a few items that I have lying around. All prices are excluding shipping.

a charge only bms (as in it does not balance) 12s SOLD

Super tiny, never used, $20 or two for $35

Next is a used set of 97mm flywheels. The hubs were painted black. One wheel has a very small chunk, other than that they are in great shape. $50

Next is an anti spark switch from MartinSP. Never used. I think it was something like 100A continuous. $30

Scroll down for spot welder


karamdibs on the smartBMS, if it fits where I need it. Can you give me dimensions (especially thickness) ? thanks!


138mm by 103 mm by 15mm

It’s pretty big.

Edited. Accidentally had it in inches

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ooof. I think it’s too big for where I want it. needs to be 10mm or less thickness. akthough I’m tempted to try and cram it, lol

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Yeah it may be difficult to find one that thin.

Maybe add a little thicker of a gasket?

Is the 12s bms still available? Ill take it if so. Thanks

You got it. Smart bms?

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Yeah the smart bms. What does shipping look like to 98501? Thank you

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Cool. It’s probably like $5 in a flat rate box

Cool. Is that your PP address?


What country are you in?

USA California

I’ll buy the D239

Cool thanks. There’s another if you want it. Both brand new

I’m horrible about pressing reply to the person instead of the general reply


I’ll drop the wheels to $35 if anyone is interested.

Another item I forgot to list. It’s an anti spark switch from MartinSP. Never used. I think it was something like 100 A continuous. $30

Cool I just sent $. The address that I used in PP is the correct shiping location. Thank you

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Got it. Thanks I’ll send out in a couple hours