METROBOARD FOR SALE - The Duck's Rent Is Due Sale (US)

Alright you dirty scoundrels. The moneymen have come calling, and The Duck needs your cash to make good on some gambling debts or somesuch. Turns out this whole “esk8 builder full time” thing is even less profitable than I thought it would be, which is impressive as I started dumpster diving for hobo tents this time last month. Help me keep the lights on and buy some of my shit!

Rules are simple. Reserve with a PM (put the item(s) you want in the subject). “Dibs” are fair game, as long as you also send me a PM pronto. Shipping and PayPal fees are paid by the buyer. Shipping from Portland, OR 97220. If you’re in Portland, we can meet up and exchange fluids goods and currency.

Any questions, just ask. I dont bite. Much.

I’m open to offers on all this stuff, but if you low ball me don’t be surprised when I tell you I’m gonna wait for a better offer.


Haggyboard Belt Drive Kit - $600 SOLD

  • Everything is new and unused other than the wheels. Those I painted red with some automotive paint, which turned out to not be very durable. I still think they look bitchin’. Fight me. They have about 100mi on them. A couple of dings but nothing major.
  • Comes with ABEC press fit pulleys to swap to urethane, along with the belts needed for that swap.
  • Comes with 4 tubes, but does not come with tires as all 10 tires I have here are ranging from “slightly out of round” to “an egg would be ashamed of that much oval.” If you understand the risks of that, and still want a set, I’ll include the 4 least-warped tires for free.

Chubby Mini Remote Mod Kit - $30 SOLD

  • This is a mini remote that I was going to mod myself, before I found this community and realized that lots of other folks had developed mods that were miles better than I was ever going to make. I bought all (pretty sure all) the stuff needed for a Chubby remote, but never got around to assembling it.
  • There is also a full Mini Remote in here as well that you might be able to put back together, short of the trigger which I mangled in my misguided flailing.
  • I’ll print a case for you for an extra $5 out of whatever colors I have available to me at the time.

More pics

12s4p 21700 NESE Kit - $100 SOLD

  • This is fully assembled, just needs cells
  • It’s using @mishrasubhransu’s modified box design, which requires soldering the series connections (which is done). All you need to do is solder on battery leads, balance wires, etc.
  • Soldered using 1/2in copper braid, so this thing can handle big current (though you probably shouldn’t flex the braid too much).
  • Includes hardware for closing up the boxes, and a bunch of extra NESE tabs. Don’t ask me what state of mind I was in when I cut those up into little bits.

TorqueBoards 110mm Wheels - 78A - $80 - SOLD

Raptor 2 Deck - $30 - SOLD

  • Some people see this deck and think “thieving aussie truck stop glory hole connoisseur” but I happen to quite like it. Its rock solid, has a functional kick tail, has excellent grip tape, and is fairly comfortable (despite the complete lack of flex.
  • Comes with the bottom part of the 2-piece enclosure, which has seen better days. If you don’t want it, ill recycle it and save you the trouble.
  • No handles because weight reduction.

More pics

LoserCruiser - $300 SOLD

  • You heard me right. It’s named LoserCruiser. Why? C’mon, just look at it.
  • Complete board, runs and drives great.
  • Its a Raptor 2 deck and enclosure (a much better specimen than the previous item) with TeamGee hub motors, a YingLi ESC, and a custom 10s1p P42A w/o BMS that I built. Only a couple miles on this battery to make sure it all works. Its actually kind of fun, surprisingly.
  • Comes with the 1.5A 10s charger.
  • Custom 3D printed bung in the enclosure hole.
  • Yes, seriously.

More pics

105mm Rubber Wheels - $60 - SOLD

  • I bought these in April and never got around to using them.
  • Fairly low wear, and treaded to give you half a chance in the rain.
  • I’m not really sure what these are worth, so shoot me an offer.

Metroboard “Slim” - $1400

  • This one actually makes me really sad to sell. This was my first “serious” esk8 after my TeamGee H5 got me hooked in the summer of 2019. I have a lot of miles on this bad boy. Its a tank and it will go forever. Its not the fastest ride, and its not the coolest ride, but I would trust this thing to take me cross-country more than I would trust some of the cars I have owned.
  • Speaking of cross-country, it has the “55 mile” battery. I have never rode more than 20 miles in one sitting, but even riding full throttle/full brake everywhere I go I still have 45% battery left when I get home. Riding all out like I do you can definitely get 30 miles out of this bad boy.
  • Has a Bluetooth module and is programmable with the ackmaniac app. Also good for checking battery level, not that you will ever need it. Charge it to full and this board will last longer than you will.
  • Single motor, so the acceleration/brakes are not going to rustle any jimmies in this crowd 25mph top speed on ABEC 107’s.
  • It’s got the 2 watt lights that are mostly there so you don’t get hit, but do provide some light on the road. Controllable with the wheel on the remote.
  • If weight is not too big a factor for you, this board would get you to and from work every day, no sweat. I commuted daily with this champ for 4 months until Portland rain forced me to get something than could handle the wet.
  • Comes with an extra belt and a 4A 10s charger.
  • Ill throw in a slightly cracked set of red CloudWheels for free, if you want them for science. I do not recommend riding them, THEY ARE CRACKED.

More pics

12s4p 18650 Batteries - PRICE DROPPED - $319 each

  • I built these on @DRI’s rock solid PCB kit’s.
  • They are seriously good batteries.
  • Price reduced because I’m nice like that.
  • Please buy them to help me convince Andrew that it wasn’t a terrible idea to hire me.

Thats all for now, I’ll be back with more if I can find more shit to sell before the moneymen break my kneecaps.


Dibs on haggies


I want the chubby… pm sent


dandit you gonna leave me with just a raptor :right_anger_bubble:


heh heh buy it

you know you want it

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Ive had a chubby for the chubby for quite a while… definitely wasn’t gonna let the opportunity go…


Sale pending on Haggy kit and Chubby kit.

Added 12s4p NESE kit



Morning bump for my east coast peeps who missed out on the fun last night :kissing_heart:

Haggy kit sold!


This is what I thought I read and got real excited.


Hey dont let me tell you what you can and cant use as a bong. Get creative my dude!


If only I could find some mounts for these trucks


why you do dis to me duck?!
got so excited for nese kit, but i need the one that screws =(


Oh, this kit fucks alright :sunglasses:

Jokes aside, are you SUUUUREE you need one that screws together? :joy: This kit is actually smaller than the standard NESE modules.

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No motors?

I know, but it’s a for an airplane-proof build :airplane: :airplane: :airplane: need them screws :sleepy:

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Airplane proof makes it sound like it’s going to get attacked by airplanes lol


You know whats even better than screwing and unscrewing? Plugging in bullet connectors :smiley: Or something like LHB’s sectional battery:


:call_me_hand: :rofl:

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