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Edit 2 : Found in the logs. It was abs_overcurrent

@stan you mean with the error?

oh I get this
but it still shows a red warning icon without anything being saved in the fault section.

@Skatardude10 @visnu777 I fixed record summary, it now shows combined current / motor current or single current / motor current depending on chart selection :+1:


Beautiful news, thank you so much man!!!

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This is better than I thought it would be by the way, not only does it work… but showing single and combined values by clicking the combine button is oh mmmyyy!! so good!

And thanks for getting the highlighting the exact spot working as well!!! ah man. Just curious, besides buying another metr, do you have a donate link you can share?


people who don’t use metr be like: metr is so expensive why can’t you just sell an hm-10-compatible app i can pirate
people who use metr be like: holy shit i didn’t pay enough for the value i get


Yep, I’ve been on both sides of the coin… decided to take the plunge and so glad I did.


Did you know that you can click on “avg” and it will switch between average acceleration current and average braking current :nerd_face:? It also takes into account “combine / not combine”

On desktop you can zoom and max/avg/min values will be recalculated just for the zoomed area


Dude! no, I was not aware of this… you have a work of art here.

One concern I have is long term, do you have any plans for if this interface is ever not supported, open sourcing it to the community? I’d love to hear your thoughts… my assumption is that your plan is to continue support for the short/medium term (thinking some years?) but 5-10+ years later if any of this happens to become legacy software based on further developments by you and other community members, I’d hate to see all this work go the way of VDLA.

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Is it possible to get the satellite version of the map?

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@ducktaperules @sesat hey did you guys ever figure out the blanc notifications bar? I have the same issue

YEHAA, it’s working for four too😁


No, I’ve not been able to get to my pc with ADB cause it’s at work and currently working from home cause world is ending.

Latest app will use system Dark / Light mode when available (iOS13+, Android10+)

i a

For older OS versions theme selection is still available in the app.


When logged into the account, the total distance it shows is wrong. Maybe it’s counting just one record from each day but it is incorrect by a lot.

It is not counting the distance from each record. It should match your All Time stats (when you are on Realtime tab, click on module name). Does it match?

YOu are right, they do match but why is the real distance (when counted from the records) around 2000 and it says a little over 1000 km…?

Most likely a bug in the app. Stats not updated properly. I will have a look :+1:

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Thank you, could you please also add a value that shows the consumption minus wh regenerated? The app shows so many things and having to calculate manually what my real consumption was is weird :slight_smile: Thank you

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This was asked before, but I am not sure what is the better way :thinking:
Don’t really want to have 2 values for consumption, because the app has so many things already :laughing:

How should consumption be calculated?

  • With regen
  • Without regen

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