Metr Pro UNITY bluetooth module

Yes you should be able to use Modes!

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@rpasichny, since there isn’t a regular metr pro topic here, I am posting my question here. BTW, the distance of 3.1 km is accurate.

I reset today’s stat and started a record session too. But the average consumption is massively different. What might be the reason?

Vesc tool real time info gives me this

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Do you have “Location -> Prefer GPS” turned on?

Nope. Turned off.

When you display the average consumption in the plot do you average the consumption or do you find the total watt-hr and divide it by the distance?

Ok, leave it turned off. I guess the difference in consumption comes from that spike on the chart. I also spotted the bug, just before the spike consumption stays on 7Wh/km for some seconds however duty cycle is 0% (board is not moving) :nerd_face:

Yeah, those points are when I am using a slight throttle to hold myself at one point on the slope.

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First Metr Pro UNITY modules are completely assembled and each of them tested, so first orders will be shipped tomorrow. You will receive the tracking number via PayPal when your package is send.

To install the module follow the video and steps Roman posted.

We recommend turning off the FOCBOX UNITY when you switch the OEM module for the new Metr Pro one. Make sure you plug the 2x3 pin header to the right spot of the internal connector where the old module was sitting before. Turn the UNITY on after confirming its plugged in correctly.

Each Metr Pro UNITY comes with its own pairing pin code like you can see in the following picture.

Please note down your pairing code before closing your boards enclosure so you have it ready for first time connecting to the metr app. To connect to the module go to “Settings”, hit the scan button and tab on your Metr Pro module thats shown in the list. You are asked to put in the 6 digit code. Its only necessary to put in the code ones, so afterwards your phone will directly connect to the module when opening the app.
Set up your wheel diameter, motor poles etc. under “Settings” -> “Motor” and your battery settings under “Settings” -> “Battery” and you are ready to go. Start records, see realtime data, use modes, change ESC settings and enjoy your ride.:slightly_smiling_face:


Quick follow up. All orders placed before 04 June 2019 are shipped now. You should receive the tracking number via PayPal. Use this website to track the package.


Got mine some time ago :smile: very noice :ok_hand:

Haven’t been able to test it yet though… lookin forward to it :slight_smile:

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I ordered 2 weeks ago and think it shipped about 3 or so days after. it’s almost here

It arrived in Japan at a very early delivery time. Thanks!


On average orders get shipped within 3 days and I would estimate shipping to the US takes around a week. Vary a bit sometimes.

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Everything is working as advertised except connecting to the unity app. The app crashes or freezes and wont connect. Latest firmware (4.5?) installed on the metr unity module.

Thanks for letting us know! I just fixed it, please update to Metr Pro firmware 4.6


Enertion revenge ?

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Mine showed up today. First part for the new build to get here lol


Last update was automatic. a yellow exclamation mark appeared and I just had to confirm. Its not doing that and I can‘t find a manual update function :sweat_smile: help!

@McErono go to Settings and click on blue gear👍

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Updated to 4.6 and its connecting but I can’t write settings. It reseted all unity settings (motor, battery, cell count) but the settings are fine in the metr app. If I try to change settings and hit apply in the unity app it does nothing.

I need the unity app to calibrate the remote. There is no calibration feature in metr or is it?

Is it possible to use the tcp bridge and connect directly with the Unity pc tool?