Metr Pro CAN [available to order]

I have been looking for this great product for long time. Any idea when shop will continue to take orders for new Metr ?

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If anyone with a metr pro can sd/gps wants an easy way to mount the gps module, I used a stick on airtag holder that I bought off amazon.


Running into an issue where my Metr Pro CAN won’t connect and read both ESC’s on my D100S after updating to the latest firmware. Any ideas?

Have you updated your ESCs to the latest firmware or Metr Pro CAN to the latest firmware? What is the ESCs firmware version? What is the Metr Pro CAN firmware version?

Metr is on latest, ESC’s are on 6.02; nothing changed between the one day it worked and the next day when it stopped connecting. I rode, turned off the board, put it away, powered on the next day.