Meepo Hurricane BMS alternative

Can the enclosure be shut?

yup. A Daly BMS will fit much better tho :slight_smile:

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Is that one of the new LLTs? I think they are slightly narrower


no that’s the old version. I have a few of them still.


:eyes: is that copper im seeing

Yes, but it’s only on the welded nickel strips on the ends of the battery. So basically it’s kinda useless

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:expressionless: nevermind then, i thought they were doing something better to improve, guess i was wrong

@Simeon and me did a short test ride and the battery was out of balance right away. We disassembled the pack again and noticed a loose spot weld. The problem is that the spacers are slightly to lange for the cells and can move around. This puts additional stress on the spot welds.


:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: How is stuff like that approved for production!
NVM…I know how…just hate seeing companies do it.

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Thanks @Simeon and @Blise518B for taking care of the Hurricane, and for another nice ride. Was good to see the Hurricane outperformed by your boards, keen to see what the 100A ESC will do (as that is what Meepo is sending instead of a new battery, lol).

So again, thanks, can only recommend these guys (not the first to do that, I know) for anyone with battery issues or someone looking for a complete built in Germany.