Meepo hubs, eloftys, vesc+remote

Hi, I have a few drivetrains and a vesc to sell.

Flipsky 6.6 vesc and V2 Remote, the better version of remote, has a Lipo from a shredlight. Vesc has a poor connection with USB on one side, but does work, over all can confirm that no signal or connectivity issues appears.

A set of Eloftys

Selling with wheels in great condition. Hubs where rebuilt, loctaded and been running great. Nothing much to add, a good cheap set.

Meepo hubs, 100mm sleeves, surfrodz as a front truck.

Shipping from Eu, 200 vesc+ remote, 200 eloftys with wheels and 100e for meepo set.
Taking offers.

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Bump bump

200for eloftys with wheels
Vesc + remote 200


Just out of curiosity, which version of the meepo hubs are these or what board are they from?

Edit: sorry didn’t realise I was reviving an old thread

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I bought them as a set in 2019, was the newest version.

did you receive my pm? i waited 2 days and you not responding

These will be absolutely finall prises, 150 Eloftys, 150 vesc with remote, 60 for meepo set.

Still for sale