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MeeOwn “Zhong” 中国 Board | Ownboard ESC + Hubs | Meepo enclosure | old school deck | DIY 10s2p 25R

While I am waiting for some final parts for Shroedingers Phoenix, I started my second build:

This will be Mee Own 中国 (China) Board.

Theme: Turny little board to take everywhere if everywhere is close by or multimodally reached.
Mix of used and new budget board pieces.

I got a Meepo enclosure for a 10s2p battery. Can you also squeeze in an ESC, BMS and the rest? Let’s find out!

Edit: Yes it worked, but was a pain. Not recommended.

Measured Top speed: 27-28 mph
Measured Range: 10-12 miles


This is the enclosure.
Now, there is no info anywhere on their odd wiring.

The chargeport leads came connected to the leads1 coming from the PCB (which has a voltmeter, power button and usb output)

Because their replacement battery only has one small connector (to charge) and an XT60 (to discharge), I assume that it is expected to just connect leads2 from the PCB to the battery.
That would mean that the on button only controls the voltmeter display and the USB out. And that it charges through those tiny cables (AWG20?!).

Might anyone know better?


20AWG is good for 11A


My plan is to harvest the ESC from the really nice metal enclosure and fit it into the bottom of the battery enclosure. Next to it will be a tiny BMS.

Instead of a DS battery I will make the battery SS over all of it. Super tight.


Check the flex before going single stack. My short boards flex a lot when I stand on the tail and the front trucks. Kind of like shock absorbing

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It’s actually AWG22, but that’s calming, thanks!
I am more used to applications with longer wires… feels weird using AWG22 ^^

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I tested the board with some other trucks, and it is quite stiff. Maybe due to its strong concave.

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The ESC was screwed onto the heat sink. Period. No thermal pads or glue.

The heat sink, however was thermal glued onto the metal enclosure.
So much good design. Much wow. Hundred impressed.

Now I wonder if I could run it without a heat sink, or if it would overheat.


With front truck moved up and angled risers it feels like it I imagined it.

Nothing better than drilling holes into a fresh deck.


I love this mashup and play of words and the outcome, and thanks for the skateshred link, I never knew such cheap decks exist (apart from the really pricey shipping), it’s awesome for DIY experimenters.


Thank you!

Skateshred is quite a gem. Though it is sometimes a miss. For example, their normal penny board deck is trash, while the just $5 more expensive bamboo version takes a beating.
See here with penny style trucks and shortened wheelbase. This is the ideal indoor cruiser IMO.


It’s happening again:


Has anybody build a e-penny?

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One of my unlimited hubs will power the board pictured above :slight_smile:


Ready to weld:


Which welder are you using?

The cables heat up a bit when using the pen.

Yup, I have a build thread for the Akadi, the conclusion is its a bitch to ride even for me (body of a 16yo boy). It runs really nicely but once you hit a bump, you’er kinda in trouble

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Battery ready.

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It will fit with some dremeling…