MBS red shock blocks UK

As the title above, im looking for some mbs red shock blocks. Need 4 in total (enough for 2 trucks)
Uk based. Newer the better.
Willing to pay a fair price for them plus postage.

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Atbshop is out of stock, before anyone recommends that


Maybe @Lee_Wright or @BigBen would know where to find some :call_me_hand:

I had some in my drawer here but gave them all away when I sold on my 4x4.
No need for them now as I ride Airs exclusively.

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Seems like I have 1 pair of orange blocks kicking about but that’s it, I’ve never ridden MBS trucks

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They’re out of stock mate. Looks like il be waiting until atb shop get them back in. Its gor my normal mountainboard and i have a spare set of trampa trucks with barrels so can just use them if required.

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ok sorry Yes, I had only seen that it was in stock all the time and I overlooked that the red ones will only be back in stock in 2 to 3 weeks. We still have them in Germany. I think the ones with shipping are too expensive. sorry