Maytech motors shaft replacement


Does anyone know were i can find a replacement shaft for a 6355 closed maytech motor ?
All the other parts are fine but i kinda ruined the shaft trying to remove a pulley glued with loctite…

Have you used a blowtorch for removing the pulley?

No, i don’t have one. I heated it on the kitchen gas for quite a bit tho, but couldn’t make it move.
I ended up cutting the pulley with a dremel grinder disc, but let’s say i wasn’t as accurate as i hoped i would be, wich bring us to my question :wink:

Did you try to contact maytech directly?
Or to contact the company from which you bought the motor? They usually should have replacement shafts or bells.

Yeah, since then i sent them a message on aliexpress, we’ll see how it goes.
I bought the motors from, but i know that Alberto is quite busy, will try to contact him if i can’t find another way.

I think streetwing sell them as well. Don’t remember his forum name though…
Maybe also try unik boards. They might have a spare for you.

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streetwing guy is @davidbanner on the other forum

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So, for anyone interested, they added the replacement shafts to their shop:

Better order something else with it, given the shipping costs :wink: