Maytech motor shaft length problem

I currently am trying to fit maytech’s 6374 motors on torqueboard mounts and I’m running into some issues. The motor shaft is a little too short for the TB motor pulley’s grub screw to hit the shaft and prevent lateral movement of the pulley. Has anyone had this problem? Also, after installing the support bar for TB’s mechanical kit, there is some friction between the wheel pulley and the motor mount on both sides. I am using a 15mm pulley system by the way.

Flip the motor pulley around.

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If it’s the TB pulley there should also be some threaded holes for grub screws on the shaft of the pulley as well.

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When I flip it around, the belt sits on an awkward angle that also comes in contact with the wheel

Is it safe to use only one grub screw to hold in the pulley (Using the one on the shaft and without a key) ? With some loctite applied on the grub screw ofc

Why would you skip the key and only use one grub?

By the looks those aren’t Tb motor pulleys. You will need to grab different ones to make this work. Get some that have the grub screws that sit in the middle. Not at the end of the pulley

I think that TB may have sent me a new version of their motor pulleys. Everyone elses look different, but for some reason, they sent me these kinds which are basically the same. I will look into the ones that have grub screws in the middle. Any recommendations (flipskys?) ?

This is what you have

This is what you need

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Are these any good?

Those will do you :ok_hand:t3:

With the pulleys that I’m using, I kind of have to because the motor shaft isnt long enough to utilize the two grub screws on the end of the motor pulley. Do you think it’s unsafe to use one grub screw?

I didn’t realize your pulley only had the grubs on the flange. I misread that you were going to use the key instead of the grubs that should be in center of the pulley.

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Of you need asap im in Bay area. Cheap steel ones


Unfortunately I’m all the way in new york. How much are you selling them for? I’m willing to pay for shipping too

You just need to find a replacement and drop ship them to me. I can ship out tomorrow, and you can slow ship me any brand replacement similar. Wish I was closer. You just pay the shipping to NY. And a week or two later I’ll get mine from wherever. But someone might pipe in with a quicker and cheaper alternative


I’ll have to wait for va response from Dexter to see if he is willing to exchange my pulley for a 12mm. If not, I’ll reach out to you

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You could just red loctite them on and blowtorch back off if that time came. Hell I’ve run without any screws whatsoever and relied on the belt to keep them aligned.


Sounds good, I think I’ll just use loctite red. Thanks!