Maytech Dual Esc

Considering that my Unitys are probably going to take about 7 years to get to me, I am thinking of going with Maytech as their customer service has been brilliant.

does anybody have any experience with these dual escs?


Also, it looks like you can use this case as a heatsink.

first is a dual, heat sink case is for the singel.


i wondered that. cheers

I was thinking of trying this one ofr my mtb build :thinking:

@Creavenger nice to see you here :grin:.

They look like 2 normal old 4.12 vescs added together. I dont think the amp they write on the website are 100% true :sweat_smile: Id rather spend the 50 bucks more to get 6.6 hardware link 6.6 :slight_smile: but also never tested the maytech ones!

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Nice to see you here aswell :smirk: maytech dual is available on electricboardsolutions.
I think the flipsky 6.6 would take a while to deliver from china and maybe import fees :thinking: would actually prefer som vescs but they are out of stock :confused:

If anyone wants a dual MayTech 4.12 plus, I’m getting a refurbished unit I can let go… US only though

Lol that’s my fault. It seems he only makes them when he knows someone wants some. I bugged him with some emails over a roughly 2 or 3 week period. Then 2 came back into stock and I bought em both.

Definitely worth it, the price is great and short of going for trampa’s vesc6’s Imo there isn’t a better option currently.

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I have been using the dual maytech 100amp esc for 3 months now and no issues performance wise. I tried to run foc but no luck. For reference the build is dual 6365 200kv motors, 10s4p samsung 30q battery, running 40amps per motor

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7 years you will be very lucky…

I would definitely go flipsky over maytech. Although the maytech dual works great on bldc I could never get it to detect motors in foc. It also starts to choke if you bring it to the rated specs.

Lucky bastard :wink:

Even luckier that I came across them last year literally hours after I ordered 2 focboxes without realizing they’re a pre-order type item. Wouldn’t have been able to ride at all last summer!

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