Matrix III Mounts - Full Send Electric

Righto cocks!

I am SUPER excited to share with you something that we have been working on behind the scenes!


Matrix III mounts! FSE Matrix 3 motor mounts –

I took the things I loved about other mounts and mashed them into something of my own!


My main design constraints were that they needed to be open-ended, have provisions for cross braces and bumpers, a 2 piece clamp, and enough clearance to allow for motors that have a circlip proud of the motor face.

The mounts will ship with 3d printed PETG bumpers for the ends of the mounts, but I will release the file for that so that you can print from a material of your choice or even design your own to suit!

I will add some more specific details to this post soon, but I’ve been DYING to get this off my chest, so for now, here they are!

C-C distance - 105mm +/- 7.5mm

Please let me know any questions you might have!


You are one classy dude! :rofl:

Mounts look mint :ok_hand:


If this is what my only fans subscription money goes to, I want more

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those raw ones are so hot
or should i say your raw one :wink:
sorry :sweat_smile:


I just got approval from the big dog for a 10% discount on a truck and mount combo!

Buy the trucks and the mounts for a 10% discount on both :partying_face:


Coupon - combo10


Got some good deals down under!

Funny that you have a clothing sizing guide.

They do look fantastic, went for the Raw ones myself. Can’t wait to get the Matrix III & the mounts on my Flux.


Centre to centre distance?

Oh shit, i wrote this down to add here but forgot to add it :rofl:

C-C is 105mm +/- 7.5mm

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