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Marble 38 street wheels DIY - needing advice + suggestions

Hey all,

I’m planning to make my first diy eskate over the winter and could use some help.

This is what I have planned so far:
-Zenit Marble 38 v3 deck -12s5p battery made by Z Battery Solutions - custom double stack enclosure by Big Ben -Xenith vesc -2 Flipsky 6374 190KV motors (I was at first considering using Lacroix 6374 motors but decided against it due to price(any other good motor suggestions?)) - Boardnamics’ BN220 Adjustable Angle Precision Trucks + Idler Motor Mount Kit -Boa Constrictor 100mm wheels…

Still not sure what exact pulley and belt sizes I’ll need. And still researching remotes… What else am I missing?

I live in Seatlle WA area where it’s super hilly and I’m wanting to use it for 15 to 25+ mile commutes. I’ll be riding mostly on paved bike trails and on the street so I’d prefer to use street wheels. I found a couple threads in the forum regarding making a diy with this Marble deck so I’m curious what the final product looked for people.

With the 100mm wheels do you think clearance will be an issue with the DS enclosure and will I be safe from wheel bite?

I’ll be posting updates as I start building. Appreciate all feedback, comments, and suggestions! Thanks y’all


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I don’t have all of the battery specs nor do I understand the output data that the calc calculates… So I’m not sure what you’re trying to say

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This would be a decent starting point. I’ve plugged in your battery (assuming p42a cells), motor and wheel configuration.

Basically the calculator figures out how fast your motor will spin (12s @ 190kv = 3.6x12x190 = 8,208 RPMs), how much distance one revolution of a 100mm wheel will cover, and then you can input the motor/wheel pulley ratio to calculate your loaded top speed.

A 16t motor & 40t wheel combo would be a good start for a higher top speed (35mph), or even a 16/45 (30mph) for better hill climbs.

I’d try not to go less than 14t on the motor pulley to avoid belt slip, then just tweak to whatever wheel pulley sizes you can find.

If you gear it too high, say 50mph, it will take off slow, bog down, never reach that speed and overheat the controller & motor. The lower the top speed the faster the take-off. 25mph top speed is probably the lowest.

I usually buy one wheel pulley then a variety of motor pulleys so I can tweak it easily later on.


BTW on BN’s website for the mount it lists:

This mount can hold 63mm motors and 50mm motors. For 36T pulleys, a 315mm belt is recommended. For 40T pulleys, a 325mm belt is recommended. A 60T wheel pulley is the maximum size we recommend.


Wow okay! That’s all great information. Thank you for that!

Is this when I am setting up the vesc? Should I just set it to the calculated max speed of 38?

No I mean the physical pulleys. If you use a 20 tooth motor and a 36 tooth wheel pulley on 100mm wheels with a 190kv motor and 12s voltage, you will be “geared” for 50 mph top speed, but it probably won’t have the power to get there and the acceleration will be terrible so that’s a “bad” gear ratio.

If only a 40t wheel pulley is available, start with 16/40 (2.5 gear ratio) or 14/40 (2.85 gear ratio) IMO and see how it rides. You can always swap out a motor pulley later on to give it either more top speed or more acceleration.

You just input all those values into the VESC and it will calculate your top speed based on pulley and wheel size

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Oooh ok, that makes sense. thanks for explaination!


Nice deck :wink:


Thanks! You’re group buy thread was very helpful!

I was originally planning my build around the Rocket Macro deck, but the wheel base was a little smaller than what I was looking for at the time. Once I found this one I really liked the surf board look and style of it. Depending how this one goes my next one might have to be that Macro deck

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Then read and learn about that first, dooood.
Its neccesarry to know about battery specs and how much power they are able to set free. Very important and not that hard to learn if you ask me and im slow like a turtle in learning :handshake:

How did your build with this deck turn out?

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I’ve been busy with other projects, but I’ll start soon.
Already have the major components and will start by skinning the deck, then building the 12S5P pack. @JoeyZ5 will do yours right? If he starts first I’ll probably steal some ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

Drivetrain will be BN AT GD with 6’’ tires, as usual :slight_smile:




Wow sounds badass. What length hangers are you going to have to use to not get wheelbite?

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Both Fatboy 275 and BN 270 were deployed with success.

You can find more details here…
[kicktail] Ursa Minor - Art on wheels
Kicktail 38'' | SS Mini gear drive | 10S3P P42A | 2 x Maytech 6374 - #12 by pmg