Mandalorian Board Updated!

Finally…new components are added and road ripping!

12s4p 40T battery from Eboosted
Evolve custom enclosure Eboosted
TB 110mm 72A / 160mm Pneumies
TB 218 Trucks, Riptide bushings and pivot cup
Dual TB6 Torqu6 ESC (Enclosure is a $5 water-protected sealed box from Walmart’s Camping and Outdoors section)
6380 170KV motors TB, 14/36 gear ratio
Flipsky VX2 Remote with Bluetooth module
FunboxSkate OG Longboard Deck
Seismic Lokton Grip
Zealous Bearings
MBS F5 Bindings

Hand painted :grin: This is the way.

Custom Stencil design of The Great Mythosaur, The Mudhorn Sigil, The Child


I was staring at the enclosure like “No way that’s from Wal*Mart, I don’t believe that”

Then I realized there are two enclosures :rofl:


It was a quick thinking solution, but it had to be done! Plus it’s way more convenient to do any work to it now anyway. There could have been room, but it would have been a crazy tight fit…especially considering the anti spark switch, XT splitter, etc.

Edit: I painted it the same blue as the trucks and used 0000 rated steel wool to sand it down and give it that patina look to match the trucks as well.

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dude we are twinning on that top enclosure.


Did you seal your port holes with silicone by chance? I think that’s what I need to do next. Also — wanting to discover some covert underglow LED options, but the Eboosted enclosure is thin for that sort of thing. That or strobe lights in the rear at the least.

Not. Shredlights.

How is your box secured? I just bolted it through the back two rear baseplate screws.

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for I test I just wrapped them in tape and went for a ride after it had rained.

After the ride I check and the tape had no water on it.

That has been the extent of my weather testing as it is summer.

I secured mine with zip ties to shredlights mounts that I mounted on top of the deck.

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I’d like a close up on em motors and know what you did to make em that sexy color

Is it just tape or a wrap or did you paint em?

Hell yeah man! Great to see this up and running. Beautiful board.


Got some gold decal tape from Hobby Lobby! 3 bucks. Don’t really care for supporting Hobby Lobby all that much, but it was a cheap and available.

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Thank you!!!

hows this board doing? might have something for you

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I previously owned the hummie those plates were installed on. Cisco sold your deck to me then I sold it to someone else and I believe he sold it


Yooooooooo what would it take to get my hands on this