Malectrics processing time?

Update: They shipped today! Lipo is also on the way!

Anyone know how long malectrics takes to process their orders? Been almost a week and its still in processing. Tried contacting them but theyre unresponsive

(Probably the wrong catagory but i didnt see a correct catagory in the selection box)

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Gave me a good chuckle🤣

What was the ‘amazon’ welder which proved inadequate on 0.2 nickel?

Its most def capable of 0.15 but 0.2 seems to be its weakness. Which is weird because that same welder welded 0.2 on my 18650 battery just fine. They were extremely hard to pull off on that one

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Right on the product page it can only do up to .15 pure nickel


Weird never noticed that last time, must have been updated. Especially considering their instructions still say they can weld .2

Prob nickel plated steel

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The little pouch cells in those internal battery spot welders seem to not have enough snuff.

Perhaps when they are new they do, but if they are stored fully charged, well, lipos hate that, and will likely lose considerable short circuit welding amperage.

I saw a few disassembled, and the guy was like, theres room for two or three pouches, but they used one.

Check out a you tube video on the Malectric by Luca

I have the purple and the red spot welders he reviews in other videos, but the reds are slightly different versions. My Purple one does 0.1copper 0.1 nickel plated steel sandwich with a 80ms pulse on P42a, with Zee 5.2ah 3s Lipo, but it will not do 0.1 copper with a 0.15 pure nickel cap.

O.15 pure nickel by itself requires about 35 to 40 ms pulse, it goes to 99ms.

I have bumped welding circuiit upto 8awg, and power the mosfet driver circuit with separate 12v battery.

The cans on cells can likely have thicker or thinner nickel plating., and perhaps it can vary batch to batch within the same manufacturer, so an extra test cell or two, is wise.

I have certainly noticed the pulse duration settings I used, which welded strong fine on a well used test cell, that had been sanded free of nickel, did not translate to new cell cans, I had to bump up the pulse duration significantly.


Your replies never dissapoint!!!

You dropped this king :crown:

LAST UPDATE: Everything came today and shes all assembled!! Very happy with how this looks!! THEY EVEN GAVE ME GUMMIES FROM GERMANY

Nice. Is the power connector a QS8?

def an xt90 that there

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Yeah i thought so too. Is that going to handle the required current? Might get a bit toasty. I only ask as my Kweld has a QS8

i think so? i might be ok depending on the pacing, and if that’s a genuine xt900

i use a parallel xt90 to as150 cable snd i don’t think i’ce seen any heat issues there, usually just the cable which gets too hot to touch

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I ran xt90 on my original kweld and that sucker got SPICY.

The malectrics is a totally different unit but you’d imagine the power draw would be similar


Yea you gotta be careful with these, the electrodes get warm after a few welds. Gotta pace yourself!