Making the most of my OneWheel

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The outermost lip of the bead seat is a sharp right angle that protrudes outward farther than on the later Hypercore. So whatever trouble you may have on any other hub getting the tire off, is doubled on the V1 hub.

The usual tire guy Paul, in NYC, who can rip a tire off an XR in 5 minutes with his bare hands, took about 45 minutes and a lot of worried expressions to get a Vega off a V1 hub.

Just be mindful, and find some help, with good tire removal tools that also won’t damage the rim.

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Update here,

I ordered some skateboard grip tape for my board.

Quick question, what are your guys thoughts on riding with a fender vs no fender? Assume for on road use.

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Another update,

@mariocontino I just ordered the Hoosier slick. I am going to be looking for a tire shop now. This is exciting!


Be mindful if the installer uses tire spoons. Metal ones, with the force it takes to pull the bead off that hub, can crack a chunk out of the rim.

That’s why 1WheelParts started selling tire levers with a thick nylon sleeve.

I started using hickory drumsticks.


Do you think it would be possible for me to change the tire myself?

Possible? Sure.

If you value your sanity, maybe not. But I could be wrong.

It may be worth sending it over to a shop, or trying to find a local Onewheel shop. A lot of techs have encountered a V1, so they should be able to help you.

I don’t believe there are any Onewheel repair shops in my area. I might just try it myself and if it doesn’t work, take it to a tire repair shop.

The new grip tape arrived in the mail today. I got it installed as well as installing a DIY extended rear footpad I made out of a sheet of ply. The grip tape is great! The tire should come in the next week and it hopefully will be installed in the next handful of weeks.

Here’s a photo of the new grip and footpad installed:

Here’s the link to the grip tape I used:

I would definitely recommend the grip tape from my experience so far. It turned out better than expected. I also added a layer of clear packing tape as a rail guard and that has been holding up well the past few weeks.


Well quick update.

The hoosier came yesterday and it looks great! Im gonna try to find a tire shop now.

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It’s been a little bit since I have given u guys an update. So here it is;

I just got rail guards in red and they look awesome! Here’s the usual photos: