Making an RC car with Esk8 parts. Possibly ridable.

I brought up this idea with @ShutterShock a little while ago. Some way to add steering to an esk8 drivetrain but maintaining the ability for it to support your weight and lean steering.

Then recently someone was asking me about making an RC car that uses drill batteries and possibly what ESC and drive system would be good for that idea… Hmm yes I know much of such products.

Has anyone else thought about building RC cars using the parts found on your diy?


You mean servo controlled steering? Don’t think it would be rideable tbh, not on a budget anyway


Why don’t you put a RC body kit on a skateboard hw? And you add disconnectable servos to force lean when not riding it, could be a cool ride

And the body provides huge space for batteries and stuff (imagine riding a RC sized truck :joy:)

I think a guy in SG did it few years ago, it was cool as fuck

There’s even a esk8 train on the streets

And yes the console on top is functional and the guy rides it daily.

I call joy and madness!


Look at fighting robots thay all ready use VESC and 6370 motors thay just use 2 inputs to tank steer


For a tank/robot rc design you could do that without changing a esk8 drivetrain at all. I am taking about having steering in the more traditional way with wheels pivoting, which is much more stable due to castor and stuff. I imagine also more fun to drive/drift around at higher speeds than a tank.

This is exactly what I was thinking about. What it would take to put a servo on the front truck essentially and have it still support the weight of a rider. Then have a lock for the steering to make it safe to ride and have the front truck function normally.

One work around that I think could be better is having this front steering mechanism be an additional attaching/fold down that would not need to support riders weight.

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Exway implemented that even on esk8 directly

I do plan to make rc car / robot platform out of old parts as well, I have set of original cloudwheels and some beaten up 6374 that can’t be reliably used on esk8 so I want to make something out of them. Just not sure what ESCs would work. VESC and beefy RC car ESCs are expensive now, but I have a lot of 40A drone escs.

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Single servo on each end in the middle–> steel cables–> pulleys on deck edges connected to trucks

Remote control skateboard. Its barely an esk8 mod. Then, throw whatever car shape you want on top. Lmao.
Be cool if it had a seat and used a video game controller of your choice.

I vote for a Wiimote steering wheel.


Good creative solution, but this would not allow riding due to the servo needing to move when leaning. Also a servo that could pull a truck’s bushings would be much more powerful than needed.
A similar idea of putting locking servo pivot onto the front truck’s mounting is one of the best ideas I got.

I had ideas for how to make a go kart out of an esk8 with front (suspension?) wheels that lift the front truck off the ground. Seat and steering mechanism/wheel should detach as easily as possible. suspension up front would make sense because you could lean to steer the rear truck easier.

The same idea with servos could be a good solution for the RC car, the widening of the wheels up front would would help with stability issues caused by bad COG from no rider and long skinny wheelbase and easy loss of traction in turns from no rider weight.

I take back a lot of my critique of this idea. You could have the servos let out all the tension then keep the cables out of the way with a spring tensioner. Perhaps a somewhat elastic cord could allow a simpler mechanism.

Much less ridable but technically a solution would be butterfly modules on the ends of the trucks that switch from normal wheels to Mecanum, allowing omnidirectional movement would be dope.

The idea I find more interesting to design is putting swerve modules on the ends of the truck. Could even try having more steering input be added while riding. I guess you could try that with the rotating baseplate idea as well but the slop in that mechanism would lead to wobbles if not well fixed.

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Just take a longboard instead of the snowboard and a beefed up double wishbone suspension combined with Hunder Boards, Propel, Baja, Ecomobl truck parts and a strong (should be over 80kg) RC Basher servo.

It shouldn’t be too complicated though.

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What about front trucks with quick release of some kind, then it would be trivial to just switch them out for a front steering unit

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I didn’t think we were going for rideable, I’d sit on it at most

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