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Maker-X Go-FOC DV4------Based on VESC

at this point, just spend the extra money and get two single VESC’s :eyeroll:

how do these compare to the flipskys? (which are similarly priced)

any advantages in your design?




compared to the FS one, they’re able to FOC safe at 40amps continues

I have test the 1st dual FSESC4.20 last yr … they didn’t worked well

I have you tested it 12s foc at 40amps Batt Max ?


Shipping for free!

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God they are tiny! Have you sent any out for review yet?

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I’ve got a set coming later and I’ll probably post a short review once had a bit of time to try it


Good job ! Has this ESC been tested with firmware version 2.58 from Ackmaniac (many people including me still use this version) ? Is it required to use the last firmware and/or VESC Tool to use this ESC ?

Yes, it supports Ackmanica firmware!


Does it include heatsink that you have on your pics on the website?

yes, include the heatsink!

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Share the new firmware for you remote already :expressionless:
All this bolstering with open source yet the only code you developed you refuse to share


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I got to say I like the PCB Layout… I appreciate grouping and symmetry


This is off-topic, but why do you think they have to share the code for the remote?

Why do you think you need to defend not sharing?

They sold me a remote that wasn’t completly finnished eventough they market it as such.
The remote reports data from the VESC, if the VESC has a very outdated firmware installed. (which I refuse yo use)

Now they claim they fixed it for thier new remote. I say gimmie the hex file atleast so I can update my old remote…

They don’t have to do anything. But since they’re feeding of a OS project I’d say its in good terms to share the little things they do develop on thier own. Anything else would be morally illogical.


Any reviews on this MakerX DUal V4 ? Does it have any certificate for legal usage?

we all wait for this. there were no units sent out for testing as far I know. so no reviews.

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not sure if you’re serious, but noone of the ESCs out carry any certs.