Maker-x DUAL V4 vs Flipsky 4.20 plus

Hi guys, I’m Vale, new to the forum.

So recently I fried up my Flipsky 4.20 plus by shorting some cables, don’t ask me how I did it because I’m pretty embarrassed to say :joy:

Long story short, I’m looking for a new vesc, and since second hand is hard to find, I was looking at the makerx V4, or a new Flipsky same as I have,

In fairness I was pretty happy with Flipsky, never had massive issues, but I seemed to understand that Maker x is a better option, am I right?

My setup is

10s4p chinese battery pack, I assume it hasn’t got that much of an amp drawing.

Flipsky 6374 140kv

Mbs mountain board

I don’t want to go too crazy, but I’d like to run in FOC mode for smoothness, and in the future I will want to upgrade to possibly a 12s battery with higher discharge current, although not planning to exceed 50 amps per motor on the Vesc settings.

Based on your experience, what would you go for?

Apologies in advance if I am asking something that is already been discussed, but I couldn’t find any relevant past topics.



Get a makerx dv4. It’s built like a tank, has a huge heatsink and has been rock solid for many of us. It’ll also run 12s foc just fine.


There are plenty of topics and post that gives some information of what you’re looking for! But as you are new i understand it is confusing to look for it!

Regarding your question, the most important thing it’s your budget. You should go Vesc 6 if you can afford it as it is better in every way!

If you’re not ready, or you don’t have the money id go with maker x as their Vesc are pretty solid, and there are some with a very good and beefy heat sink

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Yeah, what @Evwan said… makerX dv4 has been bulletproof for me, >5000km without a hiccup. Running 10s at 30 battery amps & 70 motor amps per side. Good build quality and built-in heatsink. MakerX has earned my loyalty.

Although I haven’t used Flipsky v4 hardware enough to directly compare.


Ohh, thanks guys that was really helpful!

Do you think will be ok to wire it with a key loop or is the switch a better option?

Yes I am on a tight budget ahahha

Thanks again,


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A loop key is certainly cheaper that a switch. Also, FOC is perfectly fine to run on 10s.

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Bought the DV4, they gave me 8% discount and a free anti spark connector, and they were very nice.

Can’t wait to receive it, will let you know how it performs.

Grazie everyone


Quick heads up, for those who are interested.

They shipped 2 days after payment, and the parcel is already in Hong Kong jumping on a plane to get here.

I’m very happy with Maker X service so far. Will build a 12s with a good discharge current (100a ish), will let you know how will the vesc handle it in FOC mode