m50t vs 40t cells

Hey everyone, planning a build with dual fs 6384s, stormcore 60d and 60 bms and 12s4p config with 21700s Is it worth the range increase to get m50t cells over 40t? Ive heard that the m50ts dont sag as much as 50e and im not sure how much of a performance increase I can get with the 40ts with only a 60a bms. Thanks!

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It would entirely depend on how many cells you have per p group. Personally, I wouldn’t run a storage cell in anything less than an 8p configuration.

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sorry just realized i didnt include that. It would be in a 12s4p. Is there any reason why you wouldnt run a storage cell in anything less than 8p?

They are not meant for high discharge and will sag so much it’s better to have a high discharge cell, for your build Id prefer P42A


What cell to choose depends hugely on how much current you will be drawing from each. You mentioned a 4P setup. What will be your max current draw?

If you’re pulsing up at about 60A then I recommend the Molicel P42A with the Samsung 40T my second choice. Energy cells like the Samsung 50 series do not do well at much above about 75% of their rating.

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