Luna Mboards antispark

Got a mboards luna antispark, works great. Done about 300 miles on it. 30$
7$ shipping within the states

Bump, need gone today. One of the most reliable antispark out there

Drop the price?

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I did from 30$, if I’m right, these went for 50$ new

Lol really? “One of the most reliable antispark out there” is from Mboards? :roll_eyes:

It’s a rebranded Lunacycle antispark. Been using it for a year and no problem.


Dead serious

It’s the one that @mmaner has had last the longest too. So sounds like it.

To be clear, the 2 that I had that lasted the longest were from Luna and were experimental. The cost was too high so they never made them. The best I have now is from @Gamer43, hand built and I’ve punished the hell out of it and it still works flawlessly.


Ah good to know. I’m installing one from ARetardedPillow soon.

Sorry for derailing. Take it as free bump.


Free bump, you just jinxed the fuck out of this antispark, the button is broken now smh


Lol and that’s why I use loopkeys


Why U no link?

PM me some link to that please! Before I break @Gamer43 mailbox :rofl:

@KaramQ My bad, I stop derailing your thread.

Price is fair, it’s just that you said you needed it gone quick and if you sell it cheap it will go quick.

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He doesnt sell them, I think. You’d really need to ask him.

20$ without the button, lol


how do you know the button broke and not the antispark?

Because the button is fucking stuck and I cracked it, duh

Hey, you still got this? Im a little late to the party lol