Loop key needed?

Ive done a bunch of searches and 95% of them show how to make one but i couldnt find this specific answer. If i am using an xt90s between my battery and vescs, is a loop key still recommended or will this serve the same purpose? I plan on turning off my vescs by disconnecting the xt90s when not in use and vice versa to start them up. Basically does the xt90s used on main battery legs have the same effect as a xt90s loop key on only one leg?

Yes, it’s the same. The XT90S female connector only has the resistor in one side anyway.

Another purpose of the loopkey is so you can have a dust and waterproof enclosure and not have to get inside and disconnect the battery constantly.

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How will you get to them?

I was planning on keeping the battery connector outside the box, the setup i acquired has the battery leads ran through the binding as the picture shows… might not be ideal for weather proofing now that i think of it…

That’s good, and it’s relatively waterproof.

The high current battery connections aren’t very susceptible to problems caused by water, for the most part.

You don’t need a loopkey.

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Always use a double loopkey.
You never know :dizzy_face: