Looking for wide trucks 270 +

I Have TB baseplate…
Want it wider for stiffer ride.

Kind regard Raja Skamme


I don’t think TB trucks are a tribe caliber clone, you will also need new baseplates, or DM me if you would like a set of TB280mm trucks. However your motor mounts are likely not going to fit the 280s as they are a different profile

Ive made a caliber hanger fit a tb baseplate using some pivot cup fuckery. Bit sloppy tho.

idk if it’s compatible with that basepllate, probably not but @3DServisas has 320mm trucks

Those trucks would need an MTB style baseplate like the Metal matrix 2 MBs baseplate

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If he’s not interested in this, i am. Anybody make clamps that i could use with either my boardnamics or idea idler mounts?

People have put my hangers on TB baseplates without any mods.