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Looking for ESC/VESC


Unity bit the dust

Looking for a VESC/ESC(s) that can support 130A motor max. For 12S system.

Open to running 2 singles or having one dual.




the 60d only goes to 100A per motor. Is there a + version that can run more?

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can I ask why you’re trying to run 130 motor amps? That’s insanely high. Also what motors are you using for this?

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I’ve found that I can run my sk8 6374’s reliably at that amperage using HFI, at least during cooler weather.

Technically they are rated for 100A, though.


Sprinted dual is pretty good


What are your battery amps set to?

I don’t remember off the top ofnmy head. I believe I let VESC tool take care of that

Then it sets it to 99 amps. How are you able to stand on your board with that much current?

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Its a DIY mtn board. I weigh 195 pounds and have bindings. I’m also running 8 inch pneumatics.

Look at super singling a vesc like a stormcore or zenith. It’s expensive but it should work

Put a heatsink on the 60d and you can push 130 phase amps


Sweet. I plan on putting a heatsink on any ESC I use.

unless someone is selling a Xenith on here, I don’t know where they have them in stock.I’m considering the stormcore as well.

Those are interesting

I can only speculate on why they aren’t more popular. Imho, they are some of the best: DRV-less design, current handling, high voltage, genuine Rubycon caps, threaded terminals, and if one goes bad you don’t lose the other in most cases.

@leadBreather how do you set them up?

The Stormcore 60D can probably do a whole lot more than that if you use two of them, one 60D for each motor.

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