Looking for Enertion motor mount or Mboard mount!

Could some one please sell me there spare enertion motor mount or mboard mount. I’m making a electric gokart build with a 1 inch square tube where my motors need to be mounted. I believe thats the only motor mount that will work for me. I need two but even if you have just one I will buy it asap. mboards is out of stock from the mount so i’m counting on you guys!!!


Basic or premium boards mount?


whats the difference? as long as it looks like the one below image

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You know that feeling when you end up having to buy twice? Yeah, I have felt that so often that this post makes my spine tingle. Just hit up a michinist like @akhlut with your photographs, diagrams, and measurements, and get the exact motor mounts you need for your custom application.


The difference is premium cost 50 instead of 30 and you can mount two motors
The one you need is available on the site still https://www.mboards.co/collections/pulleys-and-mounts/products/premium-motor-mount

I had no idea there was someone who makes custom motor mounts thank you!!


The 50 dollar one

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I don’t think on a go cart you will need to adjust the angle of the motor or the position on the axle, do you?

Maybe consider having a plate welded to the axle or diy?

Yes that’s the one you need according to pics

That was my second option ! Im trying to avoid doing that


they are out of stock till mid march

Oh if it’s custom it will prob be more around 100 haven’t heard of many gokart


well the mounting point would have to be square and two piece sorta like the mboards mount which isnt competely square but its two pieces. heres a picture of the tubeimage


I wont be using the stock brake and it will be chain driven with smaller sprocket 54 tooth

The stock mounts for the gas engine im sure wont effect anything

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Pardon my ignorance but why are those the only mounts that would work?
I would just weld a plate on


Hi, I have one I am willing to send, are you still interested??