Looking For Advice - Motor Twitching and Flux Linkage Detection Failure

Hi all,

I have one small issue left in the aftermath of my flaming charge port fiasco.
At this point, I’ve got the charge port replaced with an added fuse, which seems to work.

Nothing else should be damaged, but one of my motors is not working properly (see motor video). It’s actually more significant than it looks; I tried riding it for a few feet and said “hell no.” I got the feeling it was dragging on one side.

b264 mentioned switching the motor wires and seeing if the issue switches or not. I decided to first try a detection on the offending motor without switching the wires to see what would happen. The motor just made a high pitched whining sound and wobbled a bit, followed by an error: “Detection failed. Reason: Flux linkage detection failed.”

I’m not sure what Flux linkage means, but I did find a thread where a guy had a damaged or shorting phase wire near the motor. I did take my trucks off and could have harmed a phase wire, especially near the motor housing. My thinking is to get a multimeter and compare the resistance on each wire like they said in that thread and maybe remove the heat shrink and inspect the wires.

I’ll be working on this tomorrow, but I wanted to get as much advice as possible on how you guys would approach this. Is there another possible culprit if it’s not a damaged phase wire?