Looking for a mechanic/battery builder here in wa

Hey i have a kaly xlr and i love the board but with all the news i feel like its a ticking time bomb. So im lookking for someone that can open it up and make sure it wont go off and any other maintenance.


WA state or Western Australia?

Sorry wa state!

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We don’t have a whole lot of reputable battery builders out here that I know of to refer you to…

@bboybowzer any ideas? Maybe Adam could take a look?

And sadly, based on many of the Kaly batteries I’ve seen, oftentimes a total rebuild is what’s needed…

You might be better off just contacting one of the reputable battery builders at the link below and shipping your battery/board for the service.


When it comes to batttery stuff, we don’t really have a lot of folks in the esk8 community doing side work diagnostics or rebuilds.

When it comes to general mechanical or looking over the boards you could bring it to a build day.

If your on Facebook you could try one of the PEV shops if you want to stay local, but id go off the list @haven posted up since those folks will have a better understanding of how our batteries should lay out vs general pev(ebike, euc, one wheels)