Looking for a friendly swedish rider near Åre to help me with a package

So long story short; I live in Norway and lately it has gotten more difficult to recieve esk8 packages (complete boards etc) so I was wondering if a friendly swede near the Norwegian boarder could help me out and recieve the board for. Me and then I can just drive to sweden to pick it up. Prefferably someone living close to Åre

I will of course compensate for the trouble!

Hopeful for a reply!


I’m over here whining about import fees and you have to drive to another country to pick your stuff up. I thank you for the perspective.


Yeah its stupid really, but getting any package with the size of battery we use in our esk8s either takes months to arrive or cant be delivered at all :sweat_smile:

…or customs keep it…:slight_smile:

Since October last year, so far we have had 1x single package lost in transit.
I sent a set of Bergmeisters to Sweden and Swedish postal service claims it is stuck in customs and Swedisch customs claims it is stuck with the post…

hahah, guess there is one lucky guy in the chain who is having Bergmeisters on his baby stroller…