Looking for 270mm wide or wider hanger

I have TB baseplate and want it to be wider for stability.
Hope some can help for å decent price.
Pleace help.

wider isn’t more stable tho


I’m guessing you are located in Norway?

This isn’t how it works. Depending on the skate, it might be more stable by making it narrower.

There are also a ton of other things affecting stability.


If you are running 50 degree baseplates front and rear, you could wedge the rear to 40 or 30 degrees. You could also replace the rear baseplate with a 30 degree baseplate if you don’t want to deal with wedges. That would do far more for stability than wider hangers (which probably won’t do anything for stability)

Edit: you can also put harder duro bushings in your rear truck than the front. That’s honestly the easiest and cheapest place to start. Split truck angles is better IMO though


Yes i know. I only can use 6 inch om hummie deck. So i have to get Wider to use bigger tyre

or add riser or notch the deck or extend the trucks or change decks

I know a guy who sells 270mm hangers.
(wink wink)


What is your longest axle to axle?

Give us a name…

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The Hanger i have now is Torqueboard 218mm with Torqueboard Baseplate.



I thought we were talking for EU :frowning_face: Import taxes suck… but nice to know

3dServisas is within the EU, but costs about same as Boardnamics after import tax.

I have my ways of wheezing my products into the EU with lower taxes. :eyes:


#taxevasion :sunglasses:

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Was this supposed to be a PM? LOL

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