Lisa Frankenstein | Soma Deck | Surfrodz TKP | Dual 190kv | 10s4p

I’m just dragging this build topic over from the other forum, and then pray I keep it updated lolz.

After hours of lurking this forum for research, purchasing a book on batteries, note taking, scouting out ideas during Renegade LV; I’ve decided that I’m ready to dip my toes into my first DIY Board. I don’t have a time frame, and I really don’t have a budget [Tho base on the math I’m looking to spend at least $1,800] . My plan is to just buy everything piece by piece and start putting everything together once I have enough.

Lisa Frankenstein? I want to build a Lisa Frank inspired board. I grew up loving the loud and colorful images that came with every notebook/folder/whathaveyou. Rainbows and leopard spots sounds perfect.

My Goals

  • To succeed in building a working Esk8 as well as a good looking board.
  • Create something better then my Boosted :laughing:.

Parts List

Deck: Soma by Red Ember. I was originally going to go with the Caldera, but I got sweet talked into switching.
Trucks: SurfRodz TKP Trucks w/ Mounts by Psychotiller
Wheels: Haggy Bergmeister wheels with the red hubs, and just when I got call comfy with the idea of the reds he comes out with some sweet sweet purple ones. ;_; so lame. I wonder if I can paint the ones I have.
Battery: 18650 30Q 10s4p. I went ahead and built my own pack with the help of a local esk8er. I can easily say that next time I’ll just pay for someone else to do it for me, but it was great learning experience… and time consuming.
Remote: Mini Remote with AVIO mod
Enclosure: So I was told that The Fish Bone 100% fits the Soma deck, so I totally turned around and purchased the Cohron Split instead lol. It’s a touch smaller then the FB so it should still fit, right? :sweat_smile:
Motors: 6355 190kv Sensored from Torqueboards; Dual.
ESC: Unity

I’ve also have gotten my hands on a DaveGa, but I also want LEDs to work with my unity. But with me giving my buck convertor the side eye, and the arduino not working with the unity correctly (I’ve tried looking through the code with some guidance, but I’m throwing in the towel >_<); I may just use Dave.

The only thing that I’m waiting on now is my deck, so while waiting I’m borrowing my hubbys deck in the meantime. Get my settings right (So that I’m not rushing when CO rolls closer, lord help me…), make mistakes early (I made a lot of mistakes, and probably wasted some money :rofl:), and just basically mess around.


Check out @Ricco’s TTL Beta system for lights. Hopefully he copies that thread over here.

cough cough


Yeah, that remote is so gurlyyyy:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Well since you’re here,

I vacuum molded a barbie lipstick last night for a customer :stuck_out_tongue:


Barbie glitter grip design i did a while ago😎


Oh I know of your work :slight_smile:


thank you, i couldn’t hold myself back on this hahahaha
i would like to have an allover pink barbie board, so if the cops catch me i will pretend it is mine, its my lil sisters board:joy:

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Funny enough it was @Ricco who gave me the help hints. I wouldn’t mind betaing his system. Gotta buzz im’.

Better to find it among other remotes when in groups. :grin:


He is, I talked to him earlier about it :grin:


I have been messaging him to come over here. Said he will try when he has time but he’s hard at work on the beta ttl’s

edit yea what they said lol

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Its finally here in mah hands!

My beautiful Soma by the amazing @jamie . I love it so much I may need to give it a more befitting name. :heart_eyes: I don’t think I can even bring myself to putting leopard spots on it now xD

Now it’s time to tear down Baby B and build up Ms. Lisa slowly.

How easy is it to use heat to bend psychotiller’s enclosures? :thinking: The Split fits, but there are small gaps in four corners.


Too thick of a gap for a neoprene foam gasket?



Oooh I didn’t think about that! I bought a roll after seeing the Hellboy build. I don’t remember how far apart the gap since it was a quick fit, but I’ll try that out first.


@RuinousMarmalade have fun w it! Can’t wait it all built up!


I’m not one with words honestly so I’ll just throw down my progress pictures xD

And the mess I made in the end. I hate cleaning :sob:

All there is left is:

  • Getting shorter screws for the enclosure, or cutting the long ones shorter.
  • Dealing with the wire situation under the hood.
  • Figuring out how to implement the led strip on a half enclosure.
  • Fixing the motor wires properly.
  • DAVEga?
  • Leopard spots grip tape

That Soma deck looks soooo good. :heart_eyes: I need one, too.

Please PM me if you decide to go for a davega. I have a deal for you.


Get iitttt, its so niiiice.
Your feet slide into place juuust right~

And I’ll PM you in a bit, I’ve been on the fence for awhile now. But I think I like the idea of not needing to check my phone to see my batt life and other board info.




Nah, it’s already perfect as is!