Linnpower racing slicks

Hmm I haven’t checked the balance yet. But I also am using @Swol_Moon DM1s which had a printed wedge in them, so that could be helping. I took it to 40mph no vibrations that I noticed, but might need to pay more attention next time.

You getting vibrations?

I don’t have them on a board yet, but I’ve tried with 2 sets of hubs (exway & hubba hubs) on a spare axle.

All the wheels want to drop down to where the valve stem is, and when free spinning them, I can notice wobble (not too much, but enough that I wont be running them for racing until I get sorted).

I’m wondering if balance just isn’t great unless using specific hubs (i.e. linns default, or mads tubeless).

This seems to happen a lot with wider tires.

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Hub is WAY too skinny for these tires. Hubbas “should” be wide enough but even those squeeze them a bit.

Balance on mine is good, no noticeable wobbles, I’ve only been to like 35 tho

Most do that, and just on the bench isn’t the best test of wobble imo


I haven’t had any issues with mine up to 30 mph. On Trampa Megastar deep dish rims.

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What hubs do you recommend for max stretch?

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The exway ones are the super wide ones that come with 72mm wide tires. They fit, but took some work to get the clip on, since the tires are pretty hard.

If they wobble on the bench, I don’t see how they wouldn’t wobble on the street. You can feel the whole axle move. Some combos I’ve tested don’t do this, and they tend to ride the best. It’s become an obsession at this point :sweat_smile:


i cant read lol

there’s no weight being loaded onto the tires, bushibgs, and board. it’s really a matter of just go out and ride to see house it is, not see the imbalance and just assume it’s gonna shake you into the street when ut’s the slughtest bit off

break in the tires, they soften up, i dont get any balance issues up to 40 so far and i didn’t do anything special on install


I can spin it with my hand and it and it shakes the whole axle with visible side to side movement. My balanced tires dont do this, and it doesn’t do it on linns rims either. When it does happen with other tires ive tested, they wobble on the street as well. I’ll throw them on a board and confirm, I’m just not sure why these would act differently than others.

It’s just a skateboard

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Wait huh

My bad, 70mm.

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I’m confused which hubs you’re talking about - are you sure they’re exway? I thought they only had the Precision hubs

Yup, they have extra wide ones that come with their semi slick tires.

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Oh that’s cool

Yikes! $190 for tires that wear out quickly sounds pricey.