Limited stock RAPTOR outwheels

That’s a 90mm

Awesome thanks, and the 97mm?

Dont suppose youd be willing to show the Durometer in regards to pressing yourthumb where it says enertion to see how far it bends?

There’s alot of Raptor riders here in NL looking for some good thane, I myself have quite some supply but have learned how to tell the quality based on these asks.

Not to sure what you mean by thumb thing some more info would help me?

My bad these are outwheels, So the "rings"as you have shown here are one indicator, the second is a flex test, for outwheels i generally squeeze from top to bottom thumb and 1 finger and see how far i can compress it. on the lip of the thane (closest to your eyes from last photos POV)

Okay l will do later today for you,
Stock gone from 40 set of 97mm down to 21 left now :grimacing:

to wait or to buy off elitejarcool, im a little concerd if i wait i wont be able to get wheels later

Buy from Jarod. He is legit :+1:

As the taco gurl would say why not both, you can pick up a set in mean time instill Jeff has finished his moulds which Will still take time and testing and setting up stock with distribution etc :blush:,

For mean time l have stock and lam putting out shipments run every couple of days :blush: from Australia, all stock on hand and ready togo out that door :smiley:

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Okay, so I decided to make a 10% off code is limited to next 10 USES, the code RAPTOR10 will take 10% OFF but is limited, and WHEEL STOCK IS ALMOST GONE :blush:,

Find Raptor 2/2.1 Outer Wheels at

So the price is 95 for two rear wheels AKA “out wheels” and two rear hub motors? Can I buy just a pair or out wheels. Sorry, I just found this post

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Pretty sure its just for the “out wheels” 95 for a set of motors and wheels will be an out of this world deal :slight_smile:

95 seems pretty crazy for 2 wheels

@cor3y that’s in Australian dollars. In Usd its roughly $58

Thanks for the help

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thanks for the quick shipping!

Hey Yeah it’s in AUD, and if you use the Code l made will work out pretty much bang on $50 USD a set

You got you wheels :blush:??