ligths/horn/anything second remote

I like the idea of Ubox, where you can control the horn and lights from the remote.

yet the idea of being on the same remote is idiotic.

let remote be remote, and do one simple thing - control the throttle and the breaks.

has anybody seen any kind of contraption to the other hand, which could remotely connect to some switch array, that could enable front/tail lights, turn signals, horn or anything meaningful?

Unless you can explain how I can grow a third arm, I’ll stick to everything on the same remote in one hand and 360°camera in the other

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you could have the lights/horn remote built into the camera handle :smiley:

unless you can explain how I can use the horn on the remote, while having it in my primary left hand, in under one second, and still be engaging breaks

I’m looking at some 433Mhz remotes, user for garage doors and stuff. I’ve seen some videos in the past about this not beeing secure, but ligts and horns does not seem to be particulary needy for security

You can use the Maytech remote to control stuff like lights or a horn.


Then what’s the problem with having lights/horn in the remote? It’s not like you have to toggle them often, so it shouldn’t interfere with throttle control.



Why. How often do you need to turn on the lights. I zero problem with having my light controls on my remote. In fact, a second remote would be way more of a pain