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Lightly used Meepo v1 with DB coreflex deck swap $200

Hi guys,

Not the exact target audience I know but I’m posting up for a friend and figured someone on here could use a back up board or friend board or just wants it for parts. If you like flexy decks you’ll love this thing a little stiffer than a vanguard flex 2.

My buddy is looking for $200 picked or or delivered around the Jersey City/Hoboken/Manhattan area. I can ask him about shipping too. He doesn’t want to part it out just sell it whole.

It’s in great shape barely used at all.

Wire routing could be cleaner.


That’s a nice deal. I ran the exact same drivetrain on a Rayne Hustler and quality flexy deck/hub motor is a nice ride for the money. FWIW, my Meepo V1 hubs still work great.

If I didn’t have so many projects :man_shrugging:t3: I may just buy it and make another short board lol

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your friend has good taste in deck

(this the topmounted version, obviously not for sale)


I rode a boosted for the first yearish of the hobby so I’ll always have a soft spot for flex


Which battery is on this? The standard or Sanyo battery?

Dunno whatever a v1 came with assume standard

Would your friend be willing to sell all except the deck? I’m interested but don’t need the deck, and shipped to CA

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maybe I can ask - whats your offer?

Actually, I’m thinking this may not be the best route for me. I really only need the Hubs and ESC and I know your friend said he didn’t want to part it out. A local NY sale might be the best outcome. Hope you’re doing okay in NY during these times.

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No worries and yeah I’m trying to keep busy thanks

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Hey Dude, Is the board still available?

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I think he’s still got it, are you interested?

Yeah I am. Would it be shippable?

I’ll ask he still has it :smiley: