LF Lacroix Lone Star Super Sport 18s charger 12-15 amp

Are their any Charger manufacturers or does anyone know where i can obtain a 18s charger from for my LS:SS i organsied to obtain my board early from Ben buckler boards without the charger like a couple of other people i know and we have boards we simply cant ride due to this certification issue they have. I Was wondering if anyone has a charger for sale or knows where i can get one that will work with the Lone start super sport. its the 18s version. i would much prefer a fast charger 12-15 amp as the origional one i will get eventually but this issue has gone on since december 2020 thats 7 months ago. so i have no dought this issue will go on for longer than 12 months and i dont want to wait that long. i have contacted lacroix directly about buying the fast charger from them but they already told me they do not ship them to australia. i assume this is because of the certification issue.

If anyone knows where i can get a charger made to fit or knows of a store i can buy one from even better thanks in advanced.

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gophert 84xx on aliexpress will do the job

the second numbers (xx) represent max amps

its adjustable voltage and amps but super awesome charger

something like this (you ca find for cheaper)

GOPHERT CPS 8412 precision compact high power switching DC regulated power supply adjustable 80V84V 10A12A 1008W OVP/OCP/OTP|Switching Power Supply| - AliExpress

or yzpower sell 18s ones on aliexpress
shipping is probably 2 weeks - 1 month

will the cps work as a charger though?

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at least ive used it extensively and had no issues

i think @PixelatedPolyeurthan uses it too

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can you buy local from stores or do you know of any other brands i could look into so i can buy one locally?

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dunno about other brands but seen a couple gopherts on amazon

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This is lacroix’s supplier for the 12S ones at least, I presume it’s the same for the 18S boards: YEWY I would try to order a sample from them with an xt60 plug and then make an adapter for the xt60 to 3pin LP-20.

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I use the 6011.
Works fine for me

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