LF 8074 motor mounts or 63100 rated motors equivelent

i was looking at doing a 4wd with some 8074 motors but having issues finding motor mounts to fit these beefy bois. anyone know where i can get some mounts made for these motors or know of any similar motors 63100 rated for 15s?

I had a look at flipsky, alien and TB and they are only rated for 14s. i was hoping to find some moters i could push to their limits. plan on using these with a 15s pack of 21700 cells. i was origionally going for custom moon drives but i dont want to cut the shafts so belts for this board is what im looking at doing.

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im sure they can also do 15s, but maybe not as much amp as they are rated for in 14s

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No worries running them at higher voltage, specially just 1S more

You need to be careful when you you get a high Kv motor and put in a high voltage, then it may end up bad, for example, a 220 Kv running at 18S and with a gearing that the motor reaches the full speed in you regular use


Cutting shafts is easy dude.

If i was using motors that big i’d much prefer shorter 80mm motors than longer 63s. You gonna want some beefy mounts to hold that much weight tho… maybe @Tony_Stark from Radium can help.


would be nice if i could get mounts, pullys and belts from same store but thats just wishfull thinking =p

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He has mad pulleys too. But not sure about belts. Order belts in bulk from www.vbeltoutlet.com

20% off pulleys atm :grin:


Nah I was looking at 140kv with 15t/62t or 18t/72t

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You will be fine with any motor, even if it was at 18S

Keep in mind that 4 huge motors with big gearing has the potential for a very thirsty setup


Considering going 2wd to see how it feels first and may upgrade to 4wd but I want some insane range so duno about 4wd still


You could play with gear rations the 4WD, for most riding styles, when going to 4WD, lowering your ratio by quite a bit will help if be more efficient, at higher rpms it takes quite a bit of power to just spin the motors, so you make then turn slower since you have plenty of torque

screw nit im selling my board and buying a lacrox

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