Lemme listen to your board's screams

Sound design is so important in influencing the feel of a product or machine. It also might indicate whether a pulley is misaligned or if a motor needs some lube.

My second build was a single unbranded 5065 270kv with vesc/BLDC and it screamed like a boosted board:

But my third and fourth is a single TB 6355 190kv with focbox/BLDC and it sounds a lot less attractive:

Anyone know what makes a board sound like the 5065? I miss the sound.

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Idk I kinda like the way second one sounds better. I have no clue what determines how it sounds tho maybe someone with a lot of experience with lots of different motors (and ESCs maybe affect the sound?) could chime in

I’m going to take an educated guess here and say that open motors will be louder than their sealed counterparts. I use sk3’s and they scream like banshees all through the curve. Much louder than the sk8 or torqueboards which are sealed cans. Also higher kv will produce a different noise to lower. You’re already on the loud setting with bldc so it just comes down to the kv and motor type.

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I actually usually always run FOC on my newer builds with the focbox, I was just trying BLDC to see how much louder it is. With a belt drive you really can’t tell the difference

I’m kind of an old fashioned guy where bldc is concerned. I like it loud and raw. Just what I’m used to. Don’t quote me but I’m sure you can change the mhz setting on foc to make it almost silent even with belts. I like people to know I’m around though. I think the difference you are hearing and missing is just down to high kv. High kv motors do sing a different tune.

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I really need to find out if this is possible

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Switching frequency on foc. Quiet is higher value. Think its recommended to run 30khz.

Disclaimer; I have no idea what i’m talking about.


That last video is partly why I no longer live where I used to live.


Thats rubbish. You could get another lipo in that carbon GT. Wasted space.


@deeprico i had to upload this to YouTube for you enjoi

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I remember the sound of “turbo” from all my motors, sounds cool but it only happens when you have fucked magnets/motor can



What’s the advantage of running those 6x2’s that way?

She’s a screamer


@esk8manbabes Should post his board in here, that thing sounds like a bat out of hell.

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Small motors but they sound awesome in bldc!

Love the starting sound, the motors do become quite quiet at higher speeds.

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Thanks! :wink:

I hope his helicals sound quieter.

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