Legit battery vendor? Long Hidden

Is this Legit?


Never heard of them.


They were talked about on one of the forums at some point.

I like the names lol


Yep. There is a small topic on the other forum but it does not really shed much light…

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Ah explains why I don’t remember anything from it

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Was talked about but not much. Summary would be to be cautious. Example, the pictures are all the same and dimensions are all the same. Also one of their 12s packs claims to have a 10s BMS

Their return policy seems a bit…different, especially for a company which “specializes in high quality custom Esk8 batteries.”

Judging from the direct jst to power switch “antispark”, that’s going to be a no for me.

What’s that circuit board for?

maybe a voltmeter?

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I think that’s a battery level readout.


It would be safer for @IndianGummy to make it for you. He’s good at silicone

I recently bought their battery known as “the chef” and it worked for like a solid 2 minutes after I plugged it in and now it wont turn on and they are not replying to my emails. Their “sales” department email does not exist. MAJOR SCAM!!!

maybe they should have stayed hidden.

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Couldn’t handle the heat? :joy: