lacroix nazare with extras

Subject: US california lacroix nazare

Item 1
Description: selling a lacroix nazare with a ton of extras
Price (USD): 2900

One extra remote
Full set of riptide bushings
Extra set of red riptide bushings
Lacroix nazare with hypertrucks
Set of 16t and 18t pulleys
Spare Remote receiver
Extra titanium bolts
Extra wheel
Extra pulley
Two extra tires
5 spare tubes
3 spare belts

all in this thing cost over 4k



Looks sick,


Hey is this still up for sale? If so then I’m super interested. Listening says your in CA are you in the Bay Area by chance?

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hey man, ya its for sale, im in the bay area, sausalito to be specific.

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anyone know how i can edit my post? i cannot find the option for the life of me.

i guess i cant edit so update price is now $2800

Is this still for sale

Likely not still for sale. But this is pretty curious: lacroix nazare electric skateboard - sporting goods - by owner - sale


this one sold but have another in newer condition available

this one sold but have a newer one for sale, same price

i saw that, another guy on facebook linked it to me. def a scam as that was my board and i’m def not in queens ny


Any pics of the 2nd one? I’m interested if it’s still available.

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