Lacroix lonestar motor replacement tips needed


What kind of a doctor, what kv?


Dr of going fast, not a real doctor.

The motors are 138kv. Trying to find replacements but radium, land-surf, and SKP are sold out. For now I was just trying to remove the old one without zapping myself or braking anything.

Most part resellers don’t have a phone to call so as a last ditch effort I ordered the 150kv motors from skyartpower. I did ping them to see if they would work but waiting on a response. Being without a board is torture.

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I run the the 151kvs from SKP on my LSSS. They work wonderful. Are you belts or gear drive?

Their 8mm shafts so you need new pullers.

Radium sells them with 10mm shafts.

I have belts.

Did you have to swap anything else out to make it work? Or change any settings in the apps?

I really appreciate the help.

As @bboybowzer said, you’ll likely need new pulleys to suit the different size shaft. Also, pretty sure you need an adapter to mount the 44mm standard bolt pattern motor to the 30mm bolt pattern lacroix mount

100% unless you get longer bolts to thread thru all the way. Which I wouldn’t recommend.

The standard V5 Reacher won’t fit.

Thats why we created these: Motor 6485 - LACROIX edition – Radium Performance

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Thanks, those do look awesome and I am planning to order a set. Just trying to come up with something to use until you guys get your inventory.

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Thanks, someone from SKP just confirmed they have an 8mm or 10mm option and they are going to send me the 10mm so I can use the titanium pulley I have.

Guess I will have a set of SKP and some Radium motors. Will be nice to have an extra set.

Thanks for everyone’s help.