Lacroix Charge port cover

Broke my charge port cover on my lacroix, was wondering if anyone has any STL files to 3D print a new one i cant seem to find any online

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I believe @Zach has a file for the lp20

thanks thats the name of the port ill see if i cna find a file based on that

You want which one?
I’ve got
with logo and middle ring
With logo and no middle ring
Without logo but has middle ring

just something flush please

well they’re all very tight on tolerances

chargecap no mid.stl (40.3 KB)
custom-made chargeport cover.stl (836.8 KB)
chargecap with mid.stl (61.9 KB)

the chargecap with mid is the original. it’ll fit if your prints are perfect. no mid helps if not. custom is the one i created myself while bored


Damn … straight stl pimpin.

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thank you =)

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No probs. I’ve also got an approximate spacer I need to test during the winter when I’ll be dismantling my board. It serves to replace the one from the original rubber cap if it breaks and installs in 2 pieces to avoid having to undo everything. If you need that I can post it. I can also do any small requests pertaining to the board.
@TheRef you can pretty much do anything when you’ve got this


1/8th scale remote control version, call it a LaToix.

My cad game is still in its infancy but stay tuned… I’ve been working on it :wink:

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This design isn’t of my making. But it is 100% accurate

I use it everytime I wanna make an object that will go on it

My favorite thing is currently holding a full LsSS up in the air (not touching the ground) and yet fully 3d printed in pla

I still like printing dicks…


That’s the thing. I just never started